Comic Battle Press Kit


Become an intergalactic arena champion by winning fast paced, turn based battles. Assemble and train your team of unique fighters from all across the galaxy. Learn your fighters how to control the Void Energy, train them to manipulate nature elements around them or create a powerful mind controlling oracle. If you chose so, you can always rely on powerful guns or rifles. Challenge players from all around the world and win every battle. But remember that every adept trainer knows that pure force and strength are not enough to become a legend. Use cunning tactics and teamwork to win every battle.


Real time battles

You can practice against bots all you want, but when the time comes, test your battle prowess against real players from all around the world in real-time battles. Short battle turns (20 seconds per turn) ensures quick and interesting battles. Our turn-based mechanism is unique because both players plays at the same time.

No Limit

Comic Battle doesn't have "energy" mechanism which disables players from playing. Players can play as much as they want.


Take advantage of more than 60 different abilities to outsmart your opponent. Use energy or reflective shields to protect your teammates. Place buffs on your teammates to make them stronger, but also, place buffs on opponent's fighters to make them weaker. Block your opponents, launch an area-of-effect attacks or use strong armour piercing abilities to ignore opponent's shields. Discover even more types of abilities and use them to your advantage.


Straight forward, head-on approach can work for a few battles, but it is not the smartest way. Explore the possibilities of your teammates and discover hidden combinations that could be a breaking point for winning a battle. Every ability is strong in its own way, but nothing beats the good old teamwork.

Your story

Fighting in the battle arena, you are building a legend. But what is a legend without a story to tell? After every battle a beautiful and unique comic is drawn showing some of the actions played in the battle. Every comic is procedurally generated using your actions so you will always have a different story to show to your friends.


  • Winner of the "Most Visually Impressive game" - Readers’ App Awards 2015 - Ray Wenderlich
  • Comic Battle is a free-to-play iOS game offering in-app purchases
  • fast paced, turn based player vs. player game (every turn is limited to 20 seconds)
  • No playing limit.Play as much as you want.
  • use teamwork to combine abilities in a battle to create stronger effects
  • after every battle you will get a beautifully drawn and procedurally generated battle comic based on the actions you took in a battle
  • choose from more then 60 abilities to create your unique team of fighters
  • train your team against train-bots (AI)
  • fall in love with our distinctive and captivating cartoon/comic art style
  • we are committed to make constant updates to enhance gaming experience, to add new content and to make Comic Battle the best turn based battle game

The Team

We are a small indie team of three coming from Croatia. We always had a dream to make games. Our dream is to create mesmerizing and enjoyable worlds where everyone's imagination comes to life. Our team consists of a game developer (Josip), back-end developer (Igor) and an artist (Leon). We have an experience as a software engineers working in a satellite industry. The Comic Battle is our debut game, but we do not want it to be our last one since we have a lot of other ideas we would like to bring to life.


Trailer video

Hi-res images (ZIP, contains much more art than shown below)